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Vintage sewing patterns open up a whole new world of collecting for someone interested in vintage fashion.Some collect vintage patterns because they want to reproduce the styles of days gone by for their wardrobes.But the illustration style, the lettering, and the instruction sheets’ layout and typeface are nearly identical, and, although they were mailed in envelopes with different (but stylistically similar) designs on them, the return address was almost the same for many companies.Quilt Historian Wilene Smith has determined that Nathan Kogan, Max Levine and Anne Bourne formed a business called Needlecraft Service, Inc. As yet pattern historians know nothing about the actual designers who created the innovative patterns and drawings.To add to confusion about company history, Smith found that Needlecraft Service set up two competing branches to make the most of cities with competing newspapers.Laura Wheeler might offer patterns in one newspaper and Alice Brooks in another.Printed patterns (pattern pieces with printed edges) were more expensive than unprinted patterns.

These four brands are still available today, while names like Advance, Hollywood, Style, Anne Adams, Burda, Hawaiian, Du Barry, Modes Royale, American Designers, Spadea, New York, Marian Martin, Woman’s Day, and Superior have come and gone.I’m a relative novice to vintage patterns, but I’ve had enough pass through my hands to recognize the typeface and visual style of the “Progressive Farmer” pattern (see below), which American Age Fashion wrote about recently as “Becky Stott’s pattern.” Read the blog here. I’ve noticed that there was at least one pattern company in New York that specialized in making patterns that would be sold through regional newspapers.Sometimes they bore the name of a pattern company like “Marian Martin” or “Anne Adams,” which were possibly the names of individual designers.Marian Martin and Ann Adams The Vintage Traveler confirmed in a comment on that The Progressive Farmer was a regional newspaper.It’s possible that Becky Stott’s Progressive Farmer pattern was also sold under other newspapers’ names.In some cases this can add to it's charm and it can become "shabby chic", but if your looking for just "chic" then be prepared to shell out some cash or if your handy with the sewing machine (why, yes, I am!) then you can do the vintage thing and just whip yourself up a lovely frock or two! Here are just a few good reasons: Personally as I've begun exploring vintage fashions, I've found that I am most attracted to styles from the 1940's.That's not to say I wouldn't mind making a couple June Cleaver type dresses, but mainly my personality and what I am used to wearing is more figure flattering for the 1940's.I'd really love to find a 1940's military style dress pattern with a hat. Dating old sewing patterns isn't as easy as just looking on the pattern envelope...His first patterns for men’s and boys’ clothing came out in 1863, and they were the first patterns to be offered in various sizes, what are known as “graded patterns.” An early hit for E. Before the invention of patterns, most women could only afford to take apart old, worn-out garments and reconstruct them out of newer fabric.Only affluent, high-society ladies had the money to wear the newest styles coming out of Paris and New York made for them by high-end designers and tailors.

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