Gigolo fuck

My name is Rebecca and I am a bored and sex deprived rich wife of a very successful Manila businessman.

Since we are so wealthy and all my needs are taken care of, I did not want to approach him over our lack of sex.

I love to have my clitoris and pussy lick and suck but my husband seldom accord me that luxury except on special occasions like my birthdays. I am a sexy and beautiful Fil-Chinese lady living in an affluent part in the city of Manila, and I am 39 years old.

Because of our wealth, I was able to pamper myself with the best health products and nutrients and hence I was able to maintain a very youthful look.

Not often words you would use to describe a machine designed to ‘fuck’.

However at the F-Machine fuck labs in the UK, we have delivered what was previously thought impossible, then wrapped it up in some state-of-the-art technology to bring you your own personal robo-fucking GIGOLO.

Families that were happily married for years can suddenly realize that they cannot wind up looking at their lawful partner.

I have all the material needs pertaining to luxuries in life.Our escorts earn generally .00 for the first hour and .00 per hour after that.The calls are usually a minimum of 3 hours and all the tips the gigolo earns is his to keep.You will find working as an escort to be rewarding, both financially, and also the potential introductions and connections that will come as a result of moving within these centers of influence.This is to inform you that Gigolo has been fully merged with Gigolo And we are glad that we could became a part of Gigolo VIEW PRODUCT VIDEOS Many thanks to the English Mansion for the pictures & videos cool blue hue, subtly highlighted logo & visible silent internal moving parts set the scene for what you are about to receive – a sexy smooth mechanical pounding of a lifetime!!Featuring a revolutionary and versatile new mono leg system and wireless remote control handset, the Gigolo sets a new benchmark in user-friendly, multi-angle fucking fun.Should you ever consider the career of a gigolo, please visit Gigolo Just fill this online form The earlier you get the list, the better chance you have to attract these ladies!Enter your email and we will immediately send you list with 250 concrete offers from ladies who are looking for gigolos and male escorts. Get the list NOW before someone else from you territory will be faster than you!Lie back and let your own personal Gigolo fuck you to powerful multiple orgasm’s you never knew were possible!!Featuring a revolutionary and versatile new mono leg system and wireless remote control handset, the Gigolo sets a new benchmark in user-fuckffriendly, multi-angle fucking fun.

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