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**‘Baby’ Jane was a child star, but later in life found herself overshadowed by the more talented Blanche.

But when the latter’s career, and freedom, were ended by a tragic accident, Jane becomes her sister’s keeper.

She's known as much for her role on the hit TV series The Secret Life of the American Teenager as for playing George Clooney's daughter in the Oscar-winning movie The Descendants.

He's a still somewhat unknown quantity whose first movie gets a release later next month.

Again, this is just another example of Cher being her clueless self but it always struck me as funny that the focus after Cher said she didn't speak Mexican was the fact that the housekeeper isn't Mexican but, in fact, El Salvadorian.

Important distinction, but isn't someone going to tell Cher that Mexican ain't a language?

It’s funny, clever, silly and has a lot of heart, so it’s pretty hard not to love.

But in retrospect, there are a few things about it that make me go, “Uh, wait…that’s messed up.” Again, don’t get me wrong, I love this movie like no other, but there are a few things that are definitely curious and cringe worthy.

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But what if you were left helpless and in your sister’s tender hands, knowing that she doesn’t like you very much?I get it, I get it, Cher was trying to help Tai and her social stock but keeping her away from Travis was probably the most cold blooded thing in this whole movie.Luckily, Cher realized the error of her ways later but woof, she should have just let Tai get a cute makeover and be with her slacker skater boy, too.In a bizarre twist, Shailene and Ansel only just finished filming another movie together, Divergent, where they play brother and sister.Now in The Fault In Our Stars they get to play boyfriend and girlfriend.Like Shailene, it looks like Ansel's own star is on the rise too.He currently has a major role in the remake of the 1970s horror classic Carrie, due for release at the end of November in the UK and a month earlier in the US.What if, in fact, she was losing her mind and developing increasingly violent tendencies?That’s the dilemma featuring Joan Crawford’s Blanche in this classic slice of Grand Guignol.E.g., Daisy's character had a crush on Harry's, etc.But I don't recall anything actually happening between them.

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