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The show gained points for showing Blacks succeeding in corporate America, from law to stocks to entrepreneurship.One of the show's main draws was its realistic depiction of women.Two different degradation patterns are observed: some scarps recline, becoming more rounded with time, whereas others retreat with little or no decrease in gradient.Scarps that recline are generally covered with soil or loosened debris and are termed transport-limited because more loosened debris is produced than the transport processes are capable of removing.Despite some limitations, morphologic dating provides a means for dating fault scarps and other scarps resulting from active tectonism.

These two different modes of degradation require two fundamentally different models.Meanwhile, Oprah, I mean , sister -in-law of Bishop Greenleaf, been drankin’ chile…(So, it’s hard to watch to Oprah in this state because I know I’m looking at the Queen of Talk aka the boss at OWN)…Well, now that she is no longer a club owner (thanks to her brother Mac….Wayment, I just realized that the names of the Mc Cready family all start with M…Mac Mc Cready, Mae (aka Lady Mae) Mc Cready Greenleaf and Mavis Mc Cready…M is for molestation, perhaps? She wakes up with a big ole bottle of likka on her night stand…She’s also taken up with a young lover who comes in to the bedroom wearing some black briefs and a guitar hanging from his neck!In the first few minutes of the episode we find the family patriarch, Bishop James Greenleaf, in a heated confrontation with the police who entered his home at the end of last season.The police, led by Lady Mae’s brother and resident pedophile Robert “Mac” Mc Cready, have stormed the Greenleaf estate with an investigation into the ashes of Bishop’s first church, First Baptist, which met its demise by fire.Unfortunately for the Bishop, it’s much larger than a case of arson.The church caretaker died in the basement of First Baptist during the fire.Like a good novel, the show starts off with an explosive beginning.The police show up at the Greenleaf estate and announce that the Bishop is under investigation for allegedly burning his first church building down years ago and manslaughter since someone died in the fire!The ladies have a varying range of personality traits and body types, which is never a plot point.The two male characters live next door, and while they're seen as annoying at first, they soon develop friendships with the women and eventually romance.

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